Better Kick Life

Better Kick Life

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STORY Our Football Solo Training Equipment known as Better Kick Life gives players the touches they need to master ball control, develop proper passing and shooting techniques, and improve receiving. Maximize your training by minimizing ball chasing 

EFFICIENCY the Better Kick Life Trainer ensures soccer training drills can be done anytime and anywhere 

CONFIDENCE ⚽ Grows better reactions and ball-control skills to secure the right mindset

SOLO TRAINING ⚽ Allows keeping the ball in motion without getting tangled so you can practice game-like situations without the need for another player

PASSING ⚽ Improves throw-ins and overall footwork - dribbling, shooting, passing, receiving (even on the turn), juggling, saving time without chasing the ball

CONTROL ⚽ Teaches you to practice receiving a game-like pass with any part of the body. The adjustable cord makes the ball come back to the head, chest, knees or feet. It actually feels like a real pass from a teammate